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Darla Bourne,
Staff Accountant

Darla has been with our firm since 1989 as a staff accountant. She processes live payrolls and prepares business, individual and payroll taxes.

Support Team

Ashley M. Pottkotter, EA

Ashley is an Enrolled Agent and a graduate from Wright State University.  Her main areas of work are in business accounting services, corporate & individual taxation, as well as payroll services. She has been with our firm since 2011.  Contact Ashley at

Carol Kaufman,
Staff Accountant

Carol has been with our firm since 1989. Her main areas of work include payroll tax preparation along with business and individual tax preparation.

Cynthia A. Tebics, EA

Cindy is an Enrolled Agent and a graduate of Sinclair Community College. Her main areas of focus are business accounting services and corporation & individual taxation, as well as payroll services. Cindy has been with our firm since 1989. Contact Cindy at

Edward K. Ault, CPA.

Ed is a graduate of The Ohio State University and he has been a CPA since 1974. Ed also has advanced training in business valuations, IRS audits and settlement negotiations.  Contact Ed at

Luke O. Kahlig, CPA

Luke has been working with business owners and individuals for over 25 years. His main goal is to make sure clients are profitable, income taxes managed and all returns are prepared beating due dates. Proactive and timely tax planning with no surprises is Luke’s main service goal. Contact Luke at


CPA's and EA's

Lynn Kahlig,

Lynn has joined our Celina location and will be focuses on preparing live payrolls.  Contact Lynn at

Debbie Henderson,

Debbie is the receptionist and office manager in our Greenville office. Debbie has worked for Ault Henderson & Lewis since 1977 and always strives for a helpful, friendly office atmosphere. Her job includes many office responsibilities as well as completing task in an efficient and timely manner.

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About Us

Lucie Pohl,

Lucie is our firm administrator with over 24 years of business management experience. Her main focus is to find better ways to make sure our clients are not only served efficiently, but effectively.

Valerie Simon,
Staff Accountant

Valerie is a 2006 graduate of Wright State University with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance.  Her main areas of work include corporate taxation and payroll services, as well as individual taxation. Contact Valerie

“We are a small firm and needed an extra pair of hands to handle the bookkeeping. AHL&K has been an important resource for us and I trust their numbers. We now have more time to focus on our core business and leave the accounting to the professionals.”

Dayton Area Customer

Dayton Inc.

Staff Accountants

Robert J. Rindler, CPA

Robert is a 1993 graduate of Wright State University and has been a CPA since 1995. Since becoming a CPA, he has developed his area of expertise with individual and business taxation. Contact Robert at

Brian E. Knapke, CPA

Brian is a 2011 graduate of Bowling Green State University with a Masters Degree in Accountancy.  He also has a Bachelor’s Degree in both accounting and finance.  Brian became a CPA in April 2014, and joined AHL & K, Inc. in November 2011. He currently resides in St. Henry. Contact Brian at

Jeffery R. Lewis, CPA

Jeffrey is a graduate of Lima Technical College, and has been a CPA since 1990. Jeff’s areas of specialty include individual and corporate taxation, limited liability companies, estates and trusts. Contact Jeff at

We are dedicated to the highest standards of honesty, integrity and public responsibility. We keep abreast of tax law changes throughout the year to make sure that you are taking advantage of all tax incentives, as well as new operational methods that are potentially beneficial to you.


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